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Architects & Contractors - Protect your clients 

from possible delays and additional financial costs

delays cost money - Party Wall Matters

Many in the profession are aware that as soon as building plans are submitted to governmental planning portals they are available for public viewing.


Some Party Wall Surveyors use this public record to procure work and contact the neighbours sometimes worrying them into thinking they must sign up with the first party wall surveyor that writes to them.


This can often cause delays and additional expense to the Building Owner (your client) who plans to do the work as, in general, they are they ones responsible for all Party Wall Surveyors fees...

Forewarned is forearmed

By being informed as to which works are 'notifiable' under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 your client can often pre-empt any possible issues with their neighbours.


Most of the time, when a Building Owner tells their neighbours they already have a Party Wall Surveyor on hand to discuss any matters of concern it generally puts the neighbours mind more at ease and can often avoid delays and additional fees.

At Alpha-Tec we offer a free Party Wall 'Health Check' service for designers and Architects. Simply email us the plans of your project and we will produce a free, written professional opinion of the statutory responsibilities your client may have under the Act. 

Architects - protect your clients

Understanding 'Notifiable works' Covered By The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

Building Along the Line of Junction (Boundary)

Section 1 of the Act

If you are building on your property you have rights to build right up to the boundary (line of junction). By serving your neighbour Notice under the Party Wall etc. Act you can gain additional rights such as access to build.

Works physically affecting the Party Wall

Section 2 of the Act

Works such as removing a chimney, a chimney breast and cutting into the Party Wall to allow enable insertion of support lintels, steels or beams all require Notice to be provided to your neighbour under th Party Wall etc. Act.

Excavations Near a
Neighbouring Structure

Section 6 of the Act

If you plan to excavate within 3 metres of a neighbouring structure you will likely have to serve Notice under Section 6. Most rear extensions to semi-detached, or terraced properties, will require such excavation for foundations etc.

Official Guidance Information on Party Wall Matters

Party Wall
Guidance Leaflet
Party Wall
Guidance Booklet
Local Gov
Party Wall
Explanatory Booklet
Party Wall etc
 Act 1996
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