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Alpha-Tec Party Wall Surveyors - Swanscombe

Alpha-Tec Party Wall Surveyors Ltd operate in the Swanscombe area and are pleased to provide free professional advice on matters pertaining to the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996. We also provide a full range of competitively priced Party Wall services. These services include the service of professional party wall notices, carrying out and providing schedules of condition reports and also acting as an Agreed Surveyor, Building Owner Surveyor or Adjoining Owner Surveyor for the purposes of a Party Wall Award to residents in Swanscombe.

If you have received a party wall notice from your neighbours and have concerns or just want some free friendly advice then call us on:

020 3633 7833

If you are a Building Owner planning works within the area, we would be pleased to provide you with a no obligation, fixed competitive fees proposal for our services - simply email a copy of your plans to: 


We are extremely proud of our consistently high Google, Bark and Trustpilot reviews by our clients, which are a testament to our dedication to clients, so why not contact us now for expert guidance and free consultations tailored to your party wall needs.


Swanscombe has a rich history, but it's more renowned for its prehistoric significance than for historical buildings in the traditional sense. However, there are still some points of notable changes in terms of residential developments over the last century.

While not as old as some churches in neighbouring towns, St. Peter and St. Paul's Church in Swanscombe has historical significance and dates back to the 12th century. It underwent restoration and alterations over the centuries but retains some original features.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Swanscombe continued to grow, with further housing developments and improvements to infrastructure. The character of the area remained largely residential, with a mix of housing types catering to different demographics.

Overall, while Swanscombe may not have as many traditional historical buildings as some other towns, its residential development has evolved over the last century to meet the needs of its residents, from traditional terraced houses to modern housing estates, while also preserving its prehistoric heritage.


Alpha-Tec Party Wall Surveyors Ltd

164 Birling Road, Erith, Kent DA8 3HS

Tel.: 020 3633 7833

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